Application procedure

Admission to the Single Cycle Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine requires possession of a secondary school diploma or a valid certificate obtained abroad and recognised as an equivalent qualification according to current legislation.
Admission to the degree course in Veterinary Medicine and the limit number of both UE and non-UE students is regulated by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) through a Ministerial Decree. The MIUR establishes the modalities, date and duration of the admission test, valid for every University in every academic year.
The admission test thus takes place simultaneously in every Italian Faculty or Department of Veterinary Medicine. The admission test currently consists of a written multiple choice answer test regarding General Culture and Logic, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
All applicants must compulsorily take the national admission test; to be admitted to the course, their names have to be included in the final rankings, which is calculated on the number of right, wrong and not given answers.
The students included in the rankings up to the limit number established by the MIUR can enrol on the course, unless express and written waiver. In this case, vacant places are then assigned to the students following in the rankings until reaching the limit number (for both EU and non-EU students) established for the Department.
Any gaps or problems resulting from the test regarding the specific preliminary preparation will be solved within the first year of course, through supportive activities and modalities in compliance with the guidelines set up by the Didactic Regulations of the degree course.