Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

The final examination, accounting for 9 CTS credits, consists in the presentation and discussion of a written dissertation in front of a designated commission. The candidate will autonomously produce his/her work under the guidance of a supervisor; the thesis must be written as a scientific report and must focus on a specific topic of Veterinary Sciences. The preliminary elaboration of the thesis has been divided into three stages, in order to allow students to acquire the necessary materials and documentation more gradually.
During the third year of course, the student will acquire 2 ECTS credits by attending a specific course regarding international and national database consulting for bibliographic research on topics of the degree course. Such activity is managed by the nominated Department tutors. In the fourth year, the students will acquire other 3 ECTS credits for the choice of the supervisor and the thesis subject. The supervisor guides the student towards a reasoned choice of the subject by illustrating its main aspects; this way, the student acquires the necessary elements to select the most useful texts and scientific publications for a first draft of the introductory chapters of the thesis. In the fifth year of course, the student will complete the final version and the presentation of his/her thesis for the date of the graduation.
The thesis can be theoretical or experimental. The commission will assign the score out of 110 after having approved the thesis. Degree final examinations are open to the public; the official assignment of the degree will take place after the whole evaluating work of the commission. The thesis approval and presentation together with the official assignment of the degree will account for the last 9 credits to acquire for completing the whole career and obtain the total number of 300 credits.